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Français · Montreal, November 25, 2015 13:14 ET

DevTeach - Mission and Vision
Our mission

DevTeach stands for Developers Teaching. It is a conference done by developers for developers. It offers the elements of an international conference and the elements of a community event.

Our mission is to provide an accessible conference to all developers of small and large enterprises with the highest standard in the industries. DevTeach gives the chance to everyone to get training from international renown speakers at an affordable price. Our primary objective is helping the community communicate the know how to the developers. Therefore DevTeach is not just a conference; it is also a community event.

Our vision

At DevTeach we have a vision where we see the developers taking control of their future. We see developers forming a strong and organized community, which can influence the future of the product that we use. After all we are the one that are investing time and money in learning how to create solutions. It’s just normal that we should be involved in the design of future products versions.

By developers for developer

The best trainer for developers is a developer. DevTeach has been created by developers for developers. Every detail of this event is well thought-out by developers.

Canadian User Group Leader summit at DevTeach

Every year DevTeach is hosting in spring the Canadian User Group Leader summit. This will be the perfect opportunity to share experiences and ideas for our community. We would like to thank MSDN Canada for making this event possible. For more details click right here: http://www.devteach.com/UserGroupRebate.aspx