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Français · Montreal, November 26, 2015 00:01 ET

DevTeach Community event

Vancouver SQL Camp October 27th

Microsoft in collaboration with DevTeach / SQLTeach is having a SQL Camp on October 27th. We will be presenting 3 sessions that will prepare you for SQL Server 2016. Join us for this free After noon workshop in Microsoft Office. See the presented sessions below.

Date: Tuesday October 27th
Location: 1111 W Georgia Street Suite 1100, Vancouver , BC, V6E 4M3
Time: 12:00am to 5:00pm
Lunch: Pizza

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12:15 - Lunch (Pizza) Sponsor by DevTeach & SQLTeach


Microsoft Predictive Analytics
Andrew Boudreau - SQL262

The death of the Data Warehouse! A look at new services and features for the next level of Analytics.


The SQL Server Modern DBA
Jean-René Roy - SQL255

What is a modern DBA? Well that depend on what you are doing in your day to day job. The modern DBA is the guy that uses the right tools for the job. SQL Server come with many tools (SSMS SSIS, SSRS) but these tools are not always the right tools for the job. W hen you add SQL Azure to the mix, what skill do you need to be this modern DBA. This session will show you tip and trick and different tools for different job including some of the No SQL services. Some of these tools, services, tip and trick may become very useful in your day to day job.


Get Control of your Database Development with SQL Server Database Projects
Jacob Appleton - SQL242

Is your database development process as mature, automated and repeatable as your other code development processes? Do you have source control, builds, unit tests and automated deployments as part of your database software development lifecycle? Or instead, do you have some change scripts saved somewhere and rely on your DBAs to hit F5 on the correct scripts in the correct database? The client services IT team at Orbis is coming to the end of an ambitious project to refactor a large legacy codebase. Like many organisations, we had a lot of business logic in our database layer and didn't have much of a software development lifecycle process to keep it under control. This talk will demonstrate the process we took to implement SQL Server Data Tools Database Projects, how that enabled us to get control of our database development, and how easy it is for you to start getting control of your database development too.

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