Designing Windows Store HTML5/JS Apps

Mark Arteaga - WIN371

Designing Windows Store HTML5/JS Apps (with Expression Blend and Visual Studio)

Embrace the Windows 8 design principles by taking full advantage of the rich feature sets offered by both Blend and Visual Studio. Learn how to start from scratch and have a fully functioning (and visually appealing!) application that highlights how to work with styles, controls, data sources, layout, CSS3 transitions, web services, and many other features that help you create a better user experience with greater productivity.

Speaker's background:
Mark Arteaga is Founder of RedBit Development which specializes in helping customers implement mobile based enterprise and consumer facing solutions. Mark has an extensive background in software development and has dedicating the last 10+ years to the trade delivering solutions to customers such as Microsoft, Bell Media (formerly CTVGlobeMedia), The Globe and Mail, MTV, City of Brampton, Art Gallery of Ontario, Museum of Vancouver, Verizon, Canadian Tire Corporation as well as others. Mark is often speaking to the developer community at various events about mobile based solutions throughout Canada. You can contact Mark via his blog at, or follow him on Twitter.