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Evaluation forms

DevTeach allows its attendees, those who are connected to the Internet either by wireless or from the hotel rooms, to fill the online evaluation forms instead of the ones which are part of the conference material. This provides a faster compilation of the data, a better control of the data gathering and helps to improve the overall quality process of the conference.

Once the conference will start, you will be able to access this page to fill the evaluation form for the sessions you are attending. The evaluation form for each session becomes available one hour after the session has started. Attendees are allowed to use the online evaluation forms until the closing session. You have to be authenticated to the DevTeach site to proceed. If you are not, you will be prompted to do so. Only one evaluation form per session can be submitted by an attendee.

Thank you for the time you are spending to fill the online evaluation forms. This is greatly appreciated.

The following list all the sessions in alphabetical order. You can click on any of them to submit your evaluation.


Agile Family Practices for Harmony at HomeDavid StarrAGI386
Being Remote doesn't have to Be HardPhilip JapikseAGI312
Lessons Learned: Being Agile in a Waterfall WorldPhilip JapikseAGI322
Real World Scrum with Team Foundation Server 2013Benjamin DayAGI358
The New Face of Agile Software DevelopmentDavid StarrAGI378
Top 10 Ways to Go from Good to Great Scrum MasterBenjamin DayAGI343


Amplifying Developer Productivity with VS ALMDavid StarrARC365
Best Practices for Designing RESTful APIMario CardinalARC350
CQRS and Event Sourcing: Design to scalableEric De CarufelARC326
Evaluating Architectutes With Dependency MatricesMichael StiefelARC381
First look at Application Insights for VS OnlineVlad JoanovicARC329
First step on Big Data with Map ReduceEric De CarufelARC311
Getting started with Application InsightsVlad JoanovicARC354
Onion Architecture for Distributed SystemsJeffrey PalermoARC345
RESTful APIs, Beyond Pretty URIsRob DaigneauARC460
Secure Web ServicesRob DaigneauARC383
Why Cloud Architecture is DifferentMichael StiefelARC370

Web Dev

Fiddler and Your WebsiteRobert BoedigheimerWEB345
From concept to reality: Building SharePoint appsYaroslav PentsarskyyWEB311
Improving Web PerformanceRobert BoedigheimerWEB361
Introduction to the ASP.NET Web APIRob WindsorWEB344
On the Mobile Web, sometimes RESS is moreShaun WalkerWEB326
Overcoming Hurdles on the Mobile WebEden RohatenskyWEB381
SharePoint 2010/2013 for ASP.NET DevelopersRob WindsorWEB373
Simplifying Client-Side Optimization with SassEden RohatenskyWEB323
Social Engineering - ASP.Net Defence SystemsJoel HébertWEB383
Web Ananlytics Methods to Achieve Optimum User ExpBehdad BaratiWEB366
Web Application Attack DetectionJoel HébertWEB356


Creating Single Page Applications BackboneKeivan BeigiJAV373
Cross-Platform Phone Apps & Web Sites with jQueryNickolas LandryJAV344
NodeJS for NovicesDavid WesstJAV381
Starting AngularJSPat McGeeJAV397
Starting AngularJSShaun LuttinJAV386
Typescript to the Max ExtremeDavid WesstJAV352
Write once, read many: 5 ways to improve your codeEric De CarufelJAV392


Amaze users with your lock screen appsAlex GoleshMOB375
Building Mobile Cross-Platform Apps with C#Nickolas LandryMOB354
Cross-Platform Game Apps using Unity3D and C#Amir AhaniMOB391
Mobile Coding Tips and TricksAtley HunterMOB338
Porting your existing app to Windows PhoneAmir AhaniMOB322
Windows Phone - App Stability Through Web ServicesMark SchrammMOB341

Bonus sessions / Lunch and Learn

Cross Platform Development with Icenium?Philip JapikseBON322
Nokia Windows Phone HackathonAtley HunterBON244
SSIS Configurations in SQL Server 2012Jean-René RoyBON366
YOU: ConnectedJonathan RozenblitBON101


Authentication/Authorization for Your MVCTyler DoerksenCLD332
Azure Cloud: highly-available and scalableGuy BarretteCLD362
Azure Mobile Services – Get ConnectedAtley HunterCLD325
Azure Virtual Machines: your VMs in the CloudGuy BarretteCLD354
Scaling Web Applications AutomaticallyTyler DoerksenCLD372

Windows 8

.NET Memory Debugging using WinDBGMario HewardtWIN376
Introduction to .NET Debugging using WinDBGMario HewardtWIN265
Keeping your Windows 8.1 app aliveColin MeliaWIN355
Top tips for retargeting Windows 8 app to Win 8.1Alex GoleshWin346
What's new in VS 2013 for Windows Store appColin MeliaWIN321
Windows Store 700+ Apps In – What I have LearnedAmir AhaniWIN344

SQL Admin

Become a Business Intelligent (BI) DBATodd McDermidSQL387
DBA Tips and Tricks for the "Sort-of-DBA"Richard BaumetSQL246
In Memory OLTP system deep diveJohn HuangSQL367
SQL Server Extended EventsMichael DeFehrSQL344
Using FILESTREAM and FILETABLES in SQL ServerSteve StedmanSQL341


Data retrieval with Full-Text and SemanticNadiia BogushSQL371
Data retrieval with Full-Text and SemanticScott StaufferSQL371
Interpret Query PlansJohn HuangSQL329
SQL Server Performance for DevelopersSteve StedmanSQL327
Temporary T-SQLRichard BaumetSQL363
TSQL Bullet-Dodging and Spoon-bendingMichael DeFehrSQL312
XML in SQL Server. Why bother?Jean-René RoySQL302


Advanced SSIS Design PatternsMatt MassonSQL355
Future-Proofing Your Data WarehouseTodd McDermidSQL381
Introduction to Master Data Services in SQL ServerStéphane FrechetteSQL333
Power BIStéphane FrechetteSQL351
SQL Server Integration Services RoadmapMatt MassonSQL342
Tableau and Microsoft - Best of both worlds!Stéphane FrechetteSQL391