Open DEVTEACH is looking for speakers for is next event in Montreal (July 4-7, 2017). The event will focus on Open Source Web Innovations. Our world renowned tech chair members are seeking for sessions on specific technologies and Open Source initiative listed in our tracks list. If you are interested, submit your session abstracts to our Tech Chair members.
Speakers must submit their session’s abstracts by January 29th 2017.

What DevTeach covers for speakers?

For selected non-local speakers , DevTeach will cover up to 3 nights at the hotel of the conference and all travel expenses. All speakers will get a Polo shirt, a complementary pass to the main event that includes 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches. They will also be invited to the speaker’s dinner.

Track Description Tech chair
Web Presentation & Design Propose sessions using these technologies: CSS4, CSS modules / "CSS in JavaScript", PostCSS, CSS Libraries (Bootstrap, Foundation, Material, SemanticUI), Functional and Atomic CSS, CSS Grid, Responsive and Mobile, CSS pre-processors T/A
Web Application / Component Frameworks Propose sessions using these technologies: React, Angular, Aurelia, Preact, Riot, Cycle, Vue, Elm, Polymer / Web Components, Ember, Next.js T/A
Web JavaScript language + Languages that transpile to JS Propose sessions using these technologies: ES2015, ES2016, ESNext (Babel), TypeScript, Flow, Elm, BuckleScript (Reason / OCaml), Functional programming in JavaScript T/A
Web Development Topics Propose sessions using these technologies: Large scale applications in JavaScript, Bots (Slack, s4b, ...), Serverless architecture, Testing, Visual Testing, Web application security, HTTP2, Universal (aka Isomorphic) JavaScript, Build tools / build pipeline (Gulp, Grunt, task runners, Webpack, etc) T/A
DevOps Propose sessions using these methodologies and technologies: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as code, Containers (Docker, ...), Usage Telemetry, Mobile Distribution, Test Flight, Performance Monitoring, Software Architecture, Task runner T/A
Security Propose sessions using these security technologies: Modsecurity, Cross-site scripting, Path disclosure, code injection, Authentification, web app security/SSO/OIDC, web API security/OAuth2, user account/password management, JS/SPA security concerns, SQL Injection, dev ops security, Malware Analysis, APT Advanced Persistent Threats, WCF Security, Ransomware, Authentification, JWT, IAM, SSO (single sign on, microservices) T/A
Cloud Google Propose sessions using these technologies: Cloud Pub/Sub, Google Cloud Endpoints, Anycast DNS servers T/A
Cloud AWS Propose sessions using these technologies: CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Command Line Interface T/A
Cloud Azure Propose sessions using these technologies: Windows Core IoTAzure Functions, Micro services & Service Fabric, appfabric service bus, Azure SDK, Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Suite T/A
Data Management Propose sessions using these Data technologies: My SQL, SQL Server, SQL Server on Linux, Redis Cache, GraphQL, Mongo DB, Document DB, Firebase(Google's realtime NoSQL database) T/A
Data Graphic & 3D Propose sessions using these Data technologies: Tableau, D3, Power BI, Chartist.js, NVD3/etc, Plotly, AnyChart, Highcharts T/A
Big Data Propose sessions using these Data technologies: Hadoop, Stream Analytics, Elastic Search, IoT Cloud Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Factory T/A
Total sessions: 85 - Deadline for sessions proposal is January, 29st

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Sessions Recording

By submitting your sessions you are allowing DevTeach to record them this year . The content of your sessions and material will remain your property. You can re-present your sessions any time. The recording of your sessions will not be sold in any way or form. DevTeach may use the recording for marketing only.Your sessions recording may be accessible on Internet free of charge.

PowerPoint Templates

Below are the PowerPoint Templates. You will need them if you are selected.



:Submit at least 2 talks. More is better though, because to get in (if you are not a local speaker), you will have to present 2 different sessions, and it is somewhat unlikely that 2 out of 2 match our needs. So the more you can submit the better. Local speakers (Local = no travel and hotel expenses) can present one session or more. Try to find an edge or try to focus on a specific aspect of the technology. In case of doubt, send an email to devteachtechchair(at)

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